5 Simple Valentine Gifts But Memorable for Beloved Friends

Happy Valentine!

Valentines Day doesn’t only apply to couples, you know. You are still single, aka do not have a boyfriend, you can also celebrate Valentine with your beloved best friend.

The agenda of having fun and exchanging Valentine’s gifts with a girl gang is called Galentine. Slang or slang was introduced by the ‘Valentine’s Day’ sitcom which aired on NBC in the United States in 2010.

On Galentine Day, single girls gather to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Starting from the exclamation when hanging out together, to give each other gifts as a sign of affection.

For those of you who intend to give a Valentine gift to a beloved friend, the coil has an interesting gift recommendation to consider. Simple but memorable!

1. Sheet mask

It’s no secret that girls like to dress up and take care of themselves. If the best friend is a skin care freak, rewarding a set of sheet masks can be an interesting gift, you know.

You can also have fun chatting in the room while masking together.

2. Vouchers

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can buy a voucher that he can use. It can be a spa voucher, a manicure / pedicure at a salon, a dining voucher at his favorite restaurant, to a shopping voucher.

The nominal value doesn’t have to be big, really, because the most important thing is the sincere intention of the giver.

3. Planner

While it is still February, you can give an annual planner or agenda to your friends. This will be a special gift if he is the type of person who is organized and has a lot of business.

There are many funny and adorable planners who can make him smile happily. Helpful!

4. Macaroon

If you get bored with chocolate, you can give macaroon as a form of attention to friends. There are many bakeries or pattiseries that sell these sweet snacks in beautiful packaging boxes. What are you waiting for?

5. Custom e-money

This simple gift is guaranteed to be very useful for anyone. Especially if your best friend can drive, take the busway or commuter every day.

To be more special, you can create custom e-money with the name of a best friend. Guaranteed he will be happy!