7 Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day For Singles


Still single when friends or friends celebrate Valentine’s Day, sometimes it makes some people grumpy. However, actually there are many activities that can be done even though currently they don’t have a trailer.

Whether it’s spending time pampering yourself like going to a salon or spa, shopping, it can also be filled with other positive activities. Anything? Here are some things that can be options when Valentine’s Day arrives but still alone.


1. Shopping

Instead of spending money on dinner at an expensive restaurant like other couples, there is nothing wrong with celebrating self-love by shopping for things you have always wanted, but never bought. Plus, on Valentine’s Day, many shops offer discounts or promos.

2. Go to a salon or spa

Use Valentine’s Day to relax at the salon or spa. Better yet, do something new at the salon or spa, like dye your hair, or ask for a new haircut. In essence, spend “me-time” pampering yourself.

3. A trip to nature

Remember again, which natural tourist destinations have always wanted to be visited, but haven’t had time. This Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to finally be able to visit the place and take photos to upload on social media.

4. Exercise

Instead of spending time grieving over your single status, it’s a good idea to use that time to try to improve yourself by exercising at the gym or around the house. On this occasion, one can try new sports that have never been done, for example yoga or muay thai. Plus, exercising can increase the level of endorphins in the body which can ultimately make you happy.

5. Spend time with friends

Who says celebrating love on Valentine’s Day has to mean celebrating romantic love with your partner? Friends are also a source of love and affection. Can fill the time by watching movies, shopping, going to the salon, or having dinner at a restaurant together. Apart from that, you can also exchange gifts with friends or send them self-made greeting cards.

6. Spend time with your family

Like your friends, your family has been a major source of support and affection since you were a child. Celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking them out, or giving them gifts.

7. Treat Valentine’s Day like any other day

Apart from the decorations and the full table of reserved restaurants, this Valentine’s Day is no different from any other Wednesday. You stay up early, go to the office, and work late into the evening. You can choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all, and live your Wednesday as usual. valentinesdaywishes.co