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International Women’s Day Quotes: Women’s day wishes, saying for 2018 Worldwide, the women’s day is widely spread. International women’s day 2018 is about to come. As we all know, women continue to contribute to social, economic, cultural and political achievement. This day is for creating conditions for the elimination of discrimination against women and for their full and equal participation in social development. And we have much to celebrate today. But progress towards gender parity has slowed in many places. This is the day which we all celebrate with more passion worldwide. This all happens to encourage ladies and girls for a brighter future. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change. If you are searching for International Women’s day quotes don’t be worried here we have the large collection of Women’s day quotes, saying, and wishes for 2018

When We Celebrate Women’s Day 2018

Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year in honor of women’s rights and their role in the society. The significance of this day has blended with diverse cultures and ethnicity across the world, and is celebrated in varied forms. Sharing Women’s Day wishes has become a common practice in many countries as a symbol of expression and appreciation for women.

International Women’s Day 2018 Quotes & Greetings

Celebrate Women’s Day by wishing her and making her feel how special she is. Send her your heartfelt wishes and greetings and make her Women’s Day bright and joyous. Here are some wonderful Women’s Day wishes for you:

  • To me, a woman is symptomatic of a number of feelings, listening with patient, looking with love, swallowing the pain quietly, taking care of my dreams even when I am in sleep! Never lose the charm, keep it warm!!
  • This day is just to celebrate your existence! I wish you blossom like a beautiful rose whose charm never goes!! May you stand like a stone, firm enough, not to get hit by any adversity!
  • Any and every success story would not have been complete without the presence of a woman! She always stands firm, by the side of a man when he embarks on his journey of success! She is courage, she is love, she is the future, she the present!! Cheers to the velour of women who have taken up the responsibility on her shoulders!
    Every bit of hard work and the affection that you put into it makes my life beautiful. Every little act of yours matters to me and has taken me from all the thick and thin. You are the angel who has transformed my life for the better. Thank you Lady. You are best; when you are with me I forget the rest! Happy women’s day!!
  • When I was a child, I needed my mother,
    When I grew up, I needed my sister,
    When I understood the world, I needed a partner,
    When I grew old, I needed her to be my side,
    IT makes me feel, Life would have been nil,
    Had God not created this beautiful creature called “woman”!!
  • 6. God created woman to add to the beauty of the universe, when he created the world,
    God must also be surprised with his own creation,
    The way, the whole woman fraternity have transformed the world is unbelievable!
    May you keep spreading the fragrance in the world!
    Happy woman’s day 2018 Quotes, Powerful Malala Quotes On International Women’s Day 2018!
  • 7. I hope that the sun shines in your world forever,
    May you keep on blossoming like a flower!
    May the soothing rain drops incessantly shower!
    I wish you very best and a successful life on this very special day of yours,
  • Happy women’s day!
    Have the courage to break the cage,
    Women’s day comes to make us all realise the importance of woman in our life,
    It comes to honour the existence of woman,
    This day is your day,
  • I want you to enjoy the day to fullest with zeal and enthusiasm.
    A plant grows only when it is watered regularly with love,
    Similarly, a life becomes a life only when there is happiness,
    A woman is the water that makes our life blossom like a flower,
    Woman! Keep watering this plant of life!
    Happy women’s Day
  • The life would not have existed without you,
    You are that strong and faithful friend in every stage of life,
    You nurture every relation at every stage of life,
    You are the thread that keeps us connected robustly,
    Keep spreading light in life,
    Enjoy your day!!
  • Not only she can nurture a home,
    She challenge everything and anything that comes in her way,
    To make her realise her inner strength,
    I want to bow down my heads in front of the whole woman fraternity,
    Happy woman’s day!
    She is the symbol of shakti,
    She teaches us the power of Bhakti,
  • She is the most beautiful creation of the universe,
    She is the one, who brings a life and nurtures it,
    I want her to have an excellent life on her special day
    To helps you to travel extra miles,
    She gives you affection and love,
    She teaches you, how to smile,
  • She is the one, who acts as a catalyst behind your every success,
    Help her grow, the way she helped you always,
    Happy woman’s day!
    You hold me when I need you,
    Same as the lovely flowers that hold the dew,
    You can only understand the power of a woman when she is put to work,
    Just like the power of the moon is known only when the day reaches to darkness!
    She tries, to make us rise,
    When a difficulty arises,
  • She shines and makes us wise,
    May all her dreams gets realized,
    Cheers to the fortitude of woman!
    I am gearing up to give you a bouquet of wishes on your special day,
    I am gathering a couple of flowers for you,
  • To make you realize, your smile is where my happiness lies.
    Happy Woman’s Day
    A woman, she is a blend of love, beauty, brain and courage,
    She is the one, who puts everything right,
    She is the one, who creates the world,
    Let’s come together to create her world!
    Happy woman’s Day ladies! Cheers!!
  • You possess amazing power,
    You always shower,
    The love and my desire,
    You help to keep my dreams afire,
    Hey woman! Keep smiling and keep spreading smile like you have always done!!
    The heart of a woman is the most precious thing that a man can possess,
    Irrespective of the angle I look at you,
    You appear to be the angel of my life,
    You love and we live,
    Happy woman’s Day!
    I often do not find words to express,
    But, I am blessed that you are there at my worst,
    You are hope, you are love,
  • I want to thank you for being the pillar of my life,
    Happy woman’s day!
    Wish you a very happy women’s day
    It’s you who’s making the difference in so many lives and I am one of them.
    Have a wonderful day!
    No Life without Woman!
  • This LIFE has no existence without a strong ally in WOMAN in every stage of life starting from Motherhood to Wife, Sister &finally a Daughter. Happy Women’s Day!!
  • A beautiful woman draws strength from troubles, smiles during distress and grows stronger with prayers & hope. Wishing you a very happy woman’s day!

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Happy Women’s Day Messages- Women’s Day Msg, SMS, {Free} For 2018

Women’s Day Messages: Happy women’s day msg, messages, and SMS for 2018 new. A woman is entitled to live in a dignity and in freedom from want and from hear. Empowering women is also an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities and to improve prospects for the next generation Education is one of the most important means of empowering the women with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process. We must contribute by our way for women empowerment. This is our way that is www.thaiconsulate-amsterdam.org’s way to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 and to empower women by sharing our Happy Women’s Day 2018 Messages, Msg, SMS in English. Take a sneak look at it.

Happy Women’s Day Messages 2018

  1. Happy Women’s Day Messages are given for you to be shared with other people all over the world via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, messaging whichever way they want.
  2. Talented, Vibrant, Ambitious, emotional, beautiful and smart. The enthusiasm in all your endeavors inspires everyone! March 8, is only yours and day to remember that whatever men are today are all because of women only.
  3. Happy Women’s Day Inspirational Messages 2018
    On the Women’s day, I’m thinking about the special way, you have made my life better. The little thing are not so little things, your kindness, and the way you pay attention to me. You make my world complete. Happy Women’s Day.

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  1. In every moment I spend with you, it becomes magic in my life. Thanks for making our house the loveliest place to be in on the planet earth. Happy women’s day!!
    Women’s are loving, caring and daring mothers, sweet sisters, lovely and innocent daughters, beautiful and lovely lovers, the source of strength, love, careless, emotions, talent. Happy and memorable Women’s day!
    Happy Women’s Day Messages
    I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden,

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