This is the Meaning of Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day every year is celebrated all over the world including Indonesia. Forms of Valentine’s celebration can be done in various ways such as inviting couples or loved ones to enjoy dinner at selected restaurants. Giving small gifts like chocolate, for example, has also become a common sight. However, many of us just follow the habit of giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day without knowing the true meaning of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Then, what is the true meaning of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Cekidot. The history of chocolate itself as a food that is a symbol of affection can be traced since the era of chocolate entering Europe around the 1600s.

Valentine’s Day

At that time Madame du Barry, who was the wife of King Louis IV, gave chocolate drinks to her husband as a stimulant. At that time chocolate was only enjoyed only by members of the kingdom but it was one of the symbols of love. The relationship between chocolate and Valentine’s Day is entirely due to mere coincidence. This happened with the increase in chocolate as a food that is quite popular for the community and the determination of Valentine’s Day as a holiday. In 1837, the queen of Victoria made Valentine’s Day a celebration and was welcomed with great fanfare by her people.

The relationship with chocolate occurred in 1861 when a company called Cadbury had succeeded in making edible chocolate and placed it in a heart-shaped box with decorations of cupid and rose petals. This beautiful place becomes a breakthrough because when chocolate has been eaten up, the box can still be used as storage for other objects. Of course this unique shape becomes a choice for lovers as a beautiful gift for valentine. Chocolate began to develop and increasingly synonymous with valentine when in 1907, Hershey made sweet chocolate in the form of teardrops and was named “kisses”. Furthermore, these foods become sweeter with a variety of mixes and are mass produced and make it a pretty gift for Valentine’s Day. Over time, more and more chocolate producers are innovating with their products when Valentine’s Day arrives. At this time, chocolate is a food used to express love when Valentine’s Day arrives.