7 Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day That Not Many People Know

February is very identical to Valentine’s Day implemented. Perhaps many of the Beauty who participated in celebrating this Valentine’s moment with a partner, friends or family even once. Lots of love and affection are scattered today. There are also chocolate, flowers and greeting cards as a sweetener from the moment of the celebration of Valentine’s Day which falls on February.

Check out some interesting facts of valentine’s day that are not widely known to people in general.

Officially become a holiday related to love and romance

In the 1300s, officially Valentine’s Day became a holiday filled with love. No more animal or female sacrifices were flogged to bleed. February 14th as “St. Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day”. The day began with love because many believed the bird began to mate on February 14.

Love letters were first sent in the 15th century

Quoting from Good House Keeping, notes are recorded in history.com, a poem written by a medieval Duke of France named Charles to speak in 1415. Charles wrote this sweet note to his girlfriend compilation he was imprisoned in the Tower of London at the age of 21 years. One of the sentences contained in the pusi is, “I’m fed up with love, a very gentle Valentine”

Nearly 6 million couples get engaged on Valentine’s

Day In the United States itself, Valentine’s Day is a popular engagement day. Almost every year 6 million couples get engaged today. According to survey results, Valentine’s Day was chosen as the best day of the year for another proposed day.

Every country is happy in different ways

Many countries in Latin America, this holiday is interpreted as the Day of the Lover or the Day of Love and Friendship. When many couples exchange chocolate and flowers, there are also those who welcome it by showing gratitude to friends. Different invites with in Japan, it has become a tradition for women to give chocolate with good quality for men who are in their lives A month after that, right on March 14th, men will reciprocate by winning “White Day”.

Mother of American Valentine

As far as Valentine’s journey, people have begun exchanging greeting cards and love letters with lovers or friends during the 17th century. But in the 1840s the first Valentine cards that were sold in bulk in the United States were sold by Esther A. Land, known as the “Mother of American Valentine”. Howland commercialized Valentine’s Day cards in America, he used these cards, cards with sweet words containing lace and ribbons.

The heart-shaped chocolate box was first introduced in 1861

Heart-shaped chocolate was first made by Richard Cadbury. The son of John Cadbury began packing chocolate in luxury boxes to increase sales. He introduced the first heart-shaped chocolate box for V-Day in 1861. To date, more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes are sold every year.

Luperica Festival

Beauty needs to know, historians believe Valentine’s Day originally began in Ancient Rome. They interpret today as a pagan fertility festival called Luperica. Where this celebration was dedicated to Faunus, Roman god of agriculture, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus. According to Histrory.com, the day was celebrated with activities including spending animals and whipping women with animal skins until they bled, as a sign of their fertility.
that’s the seven interesting facts of love that are not known to many people.