Valentine Facts Then and Now

The difference between past and present Valentine’s celebrations is very far. In ancient Roman times, February 14 was a day of love which obliged everyone to commemorate and also take a break from activities. Some historians trace, at that time people commemorated February 14 as a holiday in honor of Juno, who was the Queen of Roman gods.

Another fact is, in ancient times the celebration began on the 15th It’s not the same as today which only celebrates on the 14th. On February 15th, there is often a celebration called the Lupercalia Festival which is generally referred to as the fertility festival. In this activity carried out by entering the names of various women into a box.

Then men will randomly take a name that will later be arranged or paired. But as the times of this culture began to change and this tradition was replaced only by expressing affection when Valentine’s Day arrived.

That’s a row about tradition and also the actual history of Valentine you can know. Apart from the many historical legends or celebrations regarding this love day. We certainly can not guess which one can be considered the most true or early history.

But each person must have their own views about the day of love and also how to celebrate. Do it have to be every February 14th, or you can celebrate and express affection anytime and anywhere. So what is your own view of Valentine’s Day?