Why Valentine Identifies the Same Brown & Pink

Valentine, Chocolate and Pink

February is identical with the name Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Commemoration of Valentine’s Day which falls every February 14, is believed by many to be the right time to express love.

So that Valentine’s Day is more memorable, usually people will give special gifts to their partners. Starting from chocolate, flowers or just a romantic greeting card.

But have you ever wondered, why is Valentine’s Day always synonymous with chocolate and pink or pink?

Chocolate and Valentine

Actually, the presence of chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift has occurred since ancient times. In the past, this sweet flavored snack was always associated with love.

During the Aztecs, Emperor Montezuma was known to always use chocolate made from cocoa beans in every romantic event.

Emperor Montezuma believes that chocolate can arouse one’s love, which follows the event.

Then, in the Victorian era in England around the 1800s, chocolate was believed to have a relationship with love and seduction.

In fact, many men believe that chocolate is one of the media to express feelings of love to someone. They believe, chocolate can make a woman’s heart melt and is willing to accept men’s feelings of love.

However, in that era women were forbidden to accept chocolate from men who already had a partner. Women who give chocolate to men are also considered a taboo at that time.

Apart from the role of chocolate to melt a woman’s heart, it turns out scientifically proven chocolate can increase one’s feelings of love.

This is because cocoa beans as a chocolate ingredient contain compounds that can increase feelings of pleasure in the brain.

Chocolate is also known to have various health benefits. Starting from improving cognitive function, changing the mood for the better to be good for heart health.

Pink and Valentine

Besides chocolate, pink is also a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Apparently, this color is not just chosen haphazardly. Pink itself is believed to cause a calm effect on the brain.

The hypothalamus in the brain will send signals to the adrenal glands to slow down its performance, when the eyes are staring at pink.

These conditions will make the frequency of heartbeat and anger decrease, so that one’s mood or mood becomes happier and happier.

In addition, the color pink is also a symbol of peace. The same is true for Valentine’s Day celebrations, where many couples hope that the relationship will always be peaceful and lasting.